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Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope that you will enjoy your experience here, and also learn some cool tools and techniques that you can use toward your goals. Most of these techniques I learned or developed in my years of designing and deploying all kinds of solutions in my work. Aside from that, I find my work to be a lot of fun! Someone once said that I was like a dog with a bone when solving a problem. If you're like that an enjoy problem-solving, you're in the right place!

My goal is to empower people to take control of their data! To that end, I started a blog with some articles on how business and professional people can take advantage of tools and techniques used by data specialists. In over 20 years of development and support across many industries, I found that regular people are starved for an idea on how to take their data experience to the next level. In a new world with the massive amount of data being generated every second, there is a great opportunity to learn how to use it effectively.

Comparing Covid-19 Coronavirus Cases vs Deaths in 11 Countries Using a Scatter Diagram

In this video, we compare 11 countries to see a comparison of cases vs deaths on a scatter diagram.

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How to Extract Data from SQL Server Using vb.Net, SqlClient, and ConfigurationManager

In our follow up video on our data extraction video for Oracle, we look at using similar techniques to pull data from SQL Server, then integrate that data with Oracle data in one dataset.

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How to Split One Column into Two in Access Using the Split Function

Ever wondered how to split one column into multiple columns?

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How to Use vb.Net with ODBC and Configuration Manager to Extract Data From Oracle

Learn how to extract data from Oracle databases using vb.Net, ODBC, and ConfigurationManager.

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How I Learned Why Great Notification Is Important

Read how computers in 1984 caused me to think about notification.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Learn Data Techniques

Find 3 big reasons why you should learn data techniques if you are a professional or business person.

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The Professional Problem, 3 Things They Need, and 1 They Don't Have

Why do people constantly run into problems with their data, even when they are highly trained in their area?

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Why Finding Uniqueness is the Key: 6 Methods to Help

Find out why keys and uniqueness are so important for data transformation and data analysis.

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When to Excel and When Not To: Why Specialists Don't Use Excel for Data Transformations

Start your journey in data transformation, and learn why specialists don't use Excel to transform raw data for analysis.

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Why Your Data Analysis Toolkit Needs Microsoft Access

Understand why Microsoft Access skills are pretty much mandatory in the world of data analysis.

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Why You Need to Avoid Dinosaurs and Learn Data Normalization

Find out why data normalization skills are so important in data analysis and data science.

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