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Learn from a seasoned pro in one of our workshops, including the Power Professional series.


Managing a software project and need another set of eyes to help guide your success? Book a few sessions of executive-level coaching from an expert with wide experience across multiple industries.

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MacKenzie & MacKenzie has been serving up superior data solutions across Canada since 2000. It is now primarily run by Sean MacKenzie, who advised and built mission-critical solutions for over 35 government and private companies across Canada and the United States. These include hospitals (7), health authorities (6), manufacturers & ERP (6), aerospace manufacturers (3), insurance companies (3) crown corporations (2). He is known for highly innovative process and technical designs, some of which qualified him for national research and development programs. Over the years the company undertook several internal projects, including the BillZone project.

Workshop: The Power Professional


This hands-on workshop is an introduction to the power of data transformation, aimed at professionals in any industry who work with large amounts of data on a regular basis. It is a full-day course that runs from 9:00AM until 4:30PM, at one of our locations in downtown Vancouver.

The course allows participants to work with a seasoned expert to understand how they can leverage some basic data collection and transformation processes. These techniques can save huge amounts of time for those who know them. People who take the course typically discover the massive benefit of "low hanging fruit" that they never knew they could utilize.

They are empowered to get the right data, faster and more accurately than ever before.

While working on over fifty projects for dozens of large & small companies, government agencies, and other organizations, I had the privelege of meeting many extremely intelligent, smart people. I noticed one key thing I noticed was:

These people are great in two areas, but need to be great in three. Like a stool that needs three legs to be useful:

1. They exceed in their area of expertise.

2. They are usually good in math and analysis to support #1.

3. They fall down when it comes to real, accurate, powerful data transformation.

Without #3, they are susceptible to incorrect results, take much longer to deliver reporting or research, or are over-reliant on others to provide them with raw data in the organization.

Who Should Take This Course?

You often work with a lot of data, on spreadsheets, CSV files, or Access database files. You're often frustrated by poor or "muddy" data that needs to be cleaned up or transformed into something usable as an input for something like visualizations or analytical purposes.

In over twenty years of consulting on data integration projects, I discovered a recurring theme with many of the professionals that I worked with.

Engineers waiting on data extracts for analysis, then discovering that the extracts needed data-cleaning or transformation, then losing time getting spreadsheets to do the work.

Managers & Executive doing financial or operational analysis, discovering that the data was not what they expected, and realizing their reporting is flawed.

Clerks & Support Staff sitting on a mountain of data each month in order to prepare monthly billing statements and other documentation. Every month, they go through the same long, arduous process on spreadsheets to complete their work. Often, they must perform data-cleaning by hand , often spending hours going row-by-row to fix statements and reports.

Researchers in university settings need to collect and transform large amounts of data for analysis. Often they are overwhelmed when the data they receive is not clean, or needs transformation.

Professionals in any discipline can take this course to improve their skills in data transformation and analysis. Talking to an expert in data integration & transformation can make the difference to your high-value projects.

What Will I Get by Taking This Course?

After taking this course, you will have real knowledge of what tools and techniques can be used to clean and transform data to support things like reporting, visualizations, and analysis.

1. You will learn how to examine "extract" or other data that has been provided to you. You will learn how to look for things like uniqueness in data that has been provided to you by others in the organization. This will improve your accuracy.

2. You will learn how to compare and integrate data from many sources. You will begin to understand the power of tools that you have wondered about, like Microsoft Access. You will learn what SQL is, and why it is powerful. You will learn which tools are best for analysis and which are best for transformation. You will learn how to compare lists and join data.

3. You will learn about data cleaning & transformation, using hands-on examples. Learn how to improve and clean your data in a fraction of the time you did it before.

4. Participants will receive a follow up call after the course is completed. This will allow students to ask questions about their particular projects and how the techniques could be applied.

5. Participants will receive two follow up emails that will allow them to ask questions about the application of techniques in their real world problems.

6. Participants will get a preview of the power of automation and using code to do things like "walking a recordset", using tools like Python, Access, and VBA.

To inquire about available times and how to enroll, please use the contact form below. For the contact form, Make sure to put a check mark in the "I'm not a robot" check box! Click here

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The Power Professional

Scheduled date for the Power Professional workshop in downtown Vancouver. Maximum: 8 participants. Spots still available. Please use the contact form below to request a spot.




Course Dates Announced

Course dates for our course, "The Power Professional" will be announced soon for February 2020. Use the contact form below to inquire about dates, cost, and availability.




We moved!

We recently moved to a new location at 701 West Georgia Street in downtown Vancouver.




BillZone goes offline.

After more than 10 years of continuous service, our venerable BillZone Systems project finally wrapped up and all systems were taken offline.

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